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  • This program can evaluate any mathematical expression of any length and complexity that has real numbers, complex numbers, or matrix representations. The expressions can be entered in editor text box.
  • Recognizes 16 operators, over 60 basic functions, and over 80 physical constants. It includes detailed definitions and explanations for all of these objects. (e.g. "beta function", "gamma function", "error functions", "exclusive or (XOR) operator", "Planck's constant", "atomic mass constant", "Avogadro's number",...).
  • Graph in Polar Coordinates
  • Contains over 60 applications of algebra, trigonometry, statistics, matrices, vectors, and calculus, (e.g. "differential equations", "eigenvalues and eigenvectors", "finds the maximum or minimum of a function with up to 10 independent variables",...).
  • Plots one or two variable functions, parametric equations, or complex functions in Cartesian or Polar coordinates.
  • Two variable or complex functions can be displayed in a 3D view or as Level Curves in a 2D view.
  • Contains a Unit Converter for 24 different physical quantities (over 200 modern units).